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Computational Thermo-Fluid Laboratory






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Dr. Yongsheng Lian (PhD, University of Florida)

Computational Thermo-Fluid Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sackett Hall - Room 211
University of Louisville

Louisville, KY, 40292, USA
Tel:(502) 852-0804



Graduate Students:

Mr. Yisen Guo (MS, Oregon State University)

PhD student

Mr. Andrew Work (MS, University of Louisville)

PhD student. Currently work at NASA Glenn

Mr. Russell Prater (MS, University of Louisville)

PhD student. Currently work at Cummins

Ms. Yan Chen (MS, University of Louisville)

PhD student

Mr. Timothy Petrosius (B.S, University of Louisville)

MEng student


Undergraduate Students:

Mr. Darren Bruner

Mr. Thomas Nolan


Former Visiting Scholars:

Dr. Haishui Jin

Mr. Ronan Serre

Dongsheng Yang

Ms. Shuangyan Xu


Former Postdocs:

Dr. Guibo Li

Dr. Chaolei Zhang


Former Ph.D Students:

Dr. Broering

Current: University of Louisville

Dr. Muheng (Justin) Zhang

Current: CD-Adapco

Dr. Kyle Hord

Current: CD-Adapco


Former MS Students:

Mr. Stephan Zwanzig

Mr. Russell Prater

Mr. Kyle Hord

Mr. Matthew Fuller

Ms. Yan Chen

Mr. Kyle Schmidt


Former Undergraduate Students:

Mr. Nick Greco

Current: Blue Origin

Mr. Evan Bush

Current: Ph.D student Georgia Tech