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Funding AgencyProject Year of Award
NSF I/UCRCSimulation of Gas-Liquid Jet Flow from a Flat Fan Nozzle for High Pressure Engines2017
NASACharacterization of 3D Printing Process under Microgravity Conditions2016
NASA SBIRSintered Inductive Metal Printer with Laser Exposure2016
NASAVerification and Enhancement of a 3D Multiphase Flow Solver for Further Investigation of Nucleate Pool Boiling Problems2016
NSFPhase I I/UCRC University of Louisville Site: Center for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems (EV-STS)2016
NASANASA Student Launch2015
Cummins ScaniaFluid and Structure Interaction Study of the Needle Motion in Common Rail High-Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection System2015
General ElectricModeling and Development of a Ventilation Strategy for Hot Water Heater2014
NASAUniversity Student Launch Initiative 2013
DOEAPA-E Reversible CH4 Storage Using a Molecular Sieve Layer as Controllable Nano-Valve", Department of Energy2013
General ElectricSimulation of Two-Phase Liquid-Gas Flow from a Dishwasher Spray Nozzle and Nozzle Optimization2012
General ElectricAnalysis and Optimization of a Domestic Refrigerator Gasket2012
Kentucky Space GrantBuild Strong Collaborative Relationships with NASA in the Area of Aeronautics2012
NASA Kentucky Space ConsortiumSensitivity Analysis of a Dynamic System with Proper Orthogonal Decomposition2012
Hitachi Electgrical ApplicationNumerical Simulation of Gas Pulsation in a Rotary Compressor2011
NASA EPSCoRNumerical and Experimental Study of a Low Aspect Ratio Pitching Wing for MAV Applications2011
NASA Kentucky Space ConsortiumDevelopment of a Framework for Robust Design Optimization of a Transonic Compressor Rotor2011
Conn Renewable Energy CenterAnalysis and Optimization of a Vertical Axis H-Rotor Turbine2010
Kentucky Science and Engineering FoundationOptimal Design of a MicroFludic Coulter Counter: Multiphysics Simulation and Experiments2009
Kentucky Science and Engineering FoundationMicrofluidic Cell Arrays for High-Throughput Cell Culture2009
Kentucky Science and Engineering FoundationBiologically Inspired Wing Design for Micro Air Vehicles2009
AFOSRNumerical Study of 3D Flapping Wing in Rectilinear and Non-rectilinear Motions2009